The Qt Company Launches Qt for MCUs

August 21, 2019 Laura Dolan

The Qt Company’s Qt for MCUs allow companies to generate fluid user interfaces (UIs) on cost-effective microcontrollers (MCUs), leveraging existing tools and libraries from the Qt for Device Creation.

Qt for MCUs provides an all-inclusive toolkit for new and existing developers to use Qt’s popular QML technology and developer-designer tooling. With this, they can develop Qt applications with the frontend defined in declarative QML and business logic implemented in C/C++, resulting in a fluid graphical UI application operating on microcontrollers.

“While Qt is extensively used by organizations and developers in embedded systems, there has been a growing appetite amongst our customers to be able to scale down to lower-end hardware,” said The Qt Company’s SVP of Product Management, Petteri Holländer. “With the introduction of Qt for MCUs, customers can now use Qt for almost any software project they’re working on, regardless of target – with the added convenience of using just one technology framework and toolset. This means that both existing and new Qt customers can pursue the many business growth opportunities offered by connected devices – across a wide and diverse range of industries.”

Qt for MCUs benefits include:

  • Reusing existing skillsets for microcontrollers
  • Diminishing maintenance cost as the same technology across multiple devices – from high-end to mass market, is used
  • Decreasing hardware costs by moving to microcontrollers sans interfering with graphics performance
  • Converting to a modern, cross-platform graphical toolkit from a legacy solution 

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