Syslogic AI-embedded computers receive ECE-R10 type approval (E-mark)

June 5, 2020 Syslogic GmbH

Syslogic manufactures embedded computers that are used in vehicles and mobile systems. The computers are often used as a VCU (vehicle control unit). The latest vehicle computers are based on NVIDIA's AI-enabled Jetson AGX Xavier modules. For this product range Syslogic just received the type approval according to ECE R10, also known as E-mark. Moreover, Syslogic also meets EMC industry standard ISO 7637 for road vehicles.

The type approval confirms that the Syslogic embedded computers meet the legal requirements set for vehicle components by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE). Michael Jung, Product Manager for Syslogic explains: ""The embedded systems of the A3 product line were specially designed for vehicles."" With the ECE R10 type approval, the configuration for vehicle use is now also officially confirmed, says Jung.

Robust embedded systems for edge intelligence


The embedded computers feature a clever electronic design without moving parts. They are impervious to shock, vibration, and moisture. Furthermore, they are built for expanded temperature ranges of -25 to +80 °C (-13 to 176 °F) at the component level.

The newly certified A3 product range includes various vehicle computers that differ in interface assignment and housing. Depending on the design, they are used in buses, railway vehicles, construction machinery, or agricultural vehicles. Common to all A3 computers is NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Xavier module. This features an eight-core CPU combined with a 512-core Volta GPU. Pre-trained neuronal networks combined with GPU-accelerated data processing at the network edge enable autonomous decisions without human intervention and without connection to the cloud. This is just as intriguing for autonomous driving as it is for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance of vehicles.

Besides the A3 product range, Syslogic also offers embedded systems based on NVIDIA's Jetson TX2 module. They were also developed according to the UN/ECE R10 specifications and are scheduled for type testing in the next few weeks.

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