Rambus CryptoManager Root of Trust Cores Certified ASIL-B/D Ready for Security in Automotive Applications

June 30, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Rambus announced that their CryptoManager Root of Trust RT-640 and RT-645 cores have been certified ASIL-B and ASIL-D ready. These automotive-grade secure co-processor IP safeguards SoCs in V2X communications, ADAS, ECU platform management, infotainment, and other critical vehicle systems.

Integrated into chips serving the automotive market, the CryptoManager Root of Trust RT-640 and RT-645 provide a suite of security features. These include secure boot, secure firmware updates, secure debug, authentication, attestation, device personalization, key and data provisioning, secure feature and configuration management, cryptographic acceleration, and secure key, and data storage

With features tailored for the automotive market, the RT-640 and RT-645 can operate as E-safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications (EVITA) full or medium Hardware Security Modules (HSM). Certification for ASIL-B and ASIL-D readiness and “functional safety” was provided by SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH. Copies of the certifications are available on Rambus.com.

The CryptoManager Root of Trust RT-640 and RT-645 are available for licensing. In addition to a robust Root of Trust framework with functional safety at ASIL-B and -D levels, the RT-640 and RT-645 come with a Secure Application SDK that allows Secure Application development and deployment.

Rambus will support its licensees by providing documentation including the ISO26262 FMEDA (Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostics Analysis) sheets and Safety manuals, reducing time to ISO26262 certification and time to market.

For more information, visit: https://www.rambus.com/security/root-of-trust/cryptomanager-root-of-trust/rt640/ or visit: https://www.rambus.com/security/root-of-trust/cryptomanager-root-of-trust/rt645/

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