RADX Delivers LibertyGT COTS, Real-Time Firmware & Software Suite to Acquired Data Solutions for Spectrum Fidelity ZX Multi-Channel RF Recor

May 21, 2018 ECD Staff

RADX Technologies today at National Instruments NI Week 2018, announced that it has delivered the first LibertyGT LGT1288 COTS, Real-Time, Multi-Channel Measurement Software and Firmware (MC MSFS) Suite to Acquired Data Solutions® (ADS). The LGT1288 MC MSFS Suite powers an ADS Spectrum Fidelity ZX Model SF-V820 COTS, 8-Channel, Precision-Synchronized, RF Spectrum Record, Playback and Analysis System that supports 200 MHz per channel bandwidth and picosecond level inter-channel sync. ADS, which is a RADX Master Value Added Reseller (MVAR), will deliver the SF-V820 with the LGT 1288 MC MSFS to its customer later this month.

The RADX LGT1288 MC MSFS is designed to support the SF-V820 configured with up to eight (8) NI PXIe-5840 Vector Signal Transceivers (VSTs) that are directly coupled to four (4) NI PXIe-7902 FPGA-based Serial Transceivers. The PXIe-7902s read and write to SSD RAID that is comprised of four (4) Conduant DM-4M.2-3U 4TB or 8TB SSD RAID Modules (16 or 32 TB total). The RADX MC MSFS is hosted in the Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs found in the PXIe-7902s and the PXIe-8880 Embedded Controller. The system’s precision timing and external trigger support is enabled via the LGT1288 MC MSFS and NI PXIe-6674T timing and sync modules. The PXIe components are housed in two PCIe-interconnected NI PXIe-1085 24 GB/sec Chassis.

The SF-V820 is the next generation of ADS RF Playback and Record systems. It is housed in a 25U Rack equipped with I/O, signal switching and alignment hardware, power distribution and a 1080p touchscreen display that enables the user to benefit from the intuitive touchscreen interfaces that come with each of the LGT1288 MC MSFS Apps: MSFS Framework with Touchscreen GUI, Remote Interface and Comprehensive API, Setup/Control App, RF Capture and Record App, RF Playback (Retransmission) App and RF Review and Analysis App.

Ni Week 2018 Demos

At NI Week 2018, ADS (Booth No. 223) will have a Spectrum Fidelity ZX demo unit in the NI A&D Pavilion. RADX (Booth No. 234) will demo various RADX LibertyGT System and Software Solutions:

LGT1410R 26.5 GHz RTSA: World’s Fastest & ONLY Modular 26.5 GHz RTSA with up to 64 TB Integrated SSD RAID and NEW RTSA-3 that supports 8k FFTs for Enhanced RBW and other advanced features (NI A&D Pavilion).

LGT1211BG 6 GHz RTVST: Advanced Real-time RF Tester and Multi-Channel, Synchronized Spectrum Analysis, Record and Playback System based on NI PXIe-5840 VSTs that supports up to 1 GHz RX/TX RTBW, up to 64 TB of integrated PXIe-based SSD RAID and a full suite of RADX RF T-M Apps including the LGT-PXIe RTSA-2 or NEW RTSA-3 (RADX Booth No. 234, ADS Booth No. 223 and Conduant Booth No. 339).

NEW LGT RF Review and Analysis App— Technology Demo of a new, standalone, LabVIEW-based App that enables users to review, detect and analyze recorded IQ and DSO Signals on any Windows PC. (RADX Booth No. 234).

NEW LGT3211B 6 GHz RTVST: New, Low-Cost, Real-time RF Tester and Multi-Channel, Synchronized Spectrum Analysis, Record and Playback System based on NI USRP-2954 and USRP-2955 SDRs combined with LGT-SDR MSFS and RADX RFIU3 RX/TX Signal Conditioning Modules (RADX Booth No. 234).

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