New Chilkat EOS S3AI HDK from QuickLogic Enables Fast AI Endpoint Development for Consumer and Wearable Applications

August 28, 2019 QuickLogic

San Jose, CA - August 13, 2019 - QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), a developer of ultra-low power multi-core voice-enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and Endpoint AI solutions, today announced the launch of its Chilkat EOSTM S3AI Hardware Development Kit (HDK) to enable fast development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications at the endpoint.

The Chilkat HDK is an evaluation platform for QuickLogic's EOSTM S3AI SoC. It includes continuous (time-series) sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient light, barometer, temperature, and gas as well as digital microphone (PDM). The HDK links directly with the SensiMLTM Data Analytics Toolkit (free 90-day evaluation period included) which enables a seamless flow from sensor data collection all the way through automatic feature extraction and classifier development using integrated machine learning technology. The SensiML Toolkit programs the AI model binary file into the EOS S3AI device on the Chilkat HDK. The HDK can be updated via the onboard UART connection to create demos and prototypes without additional time or resources. Users can also add more sensors to the HDK via available connectors and accompanying SDK. The Chilkat HDK kit also comes with a wrist worn form factor band for wearable application development.

"The new Chilkat EOS S3AI Hardware Development Kit supports quick and easy AI development for a variety of consumer and wearable endpoint IoT applications," said Sam.

Massih, director of product management at QuickLogic. "Its many onboard sensors allow for an excellent starting point for new use-case development. Transparent integration of the EOS S3AI SoC with the SensiML Analytics Toolkit makes the Chilkat HDK ideal for developing sophisticated, ultra-low power AI-based products without large teams of data scientists and hardware and software engineers."

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