Mission ready systems delivering on the promise of COTS

October 17, 2017

The promise of COTS espoused by Secretary Perry over 20 years ago is becoming a reality at Abaco Systems. The Lightning platform is a revolutionary response to a problem that has thus far proven to be intractable by our industry: how to substantially reduce the lead times for custom systems, giving them an availability that is much closer to ‘off-the-shelf’.

Mission ready systems based on the Lightning architecture are modular, scalable and simply and cost-effectively upgradable. They leverage Abaco’s unique MMS technology to make configuring an application’s precise I/O requirement simple, straightforward – and highly cost effective. 

They feature the latest processor technologies, and are made possible by state of the art manufacturing techniques and design and test processes. Abaco’s Lightning architecture is truly responding to the needs of our military customer for better, faster, less expensive, more capable and more sustainable embedded computing – and to benefit from those advantages far more quickly than has historically been possible.

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