LinkedHope launches 6U VPX image & video processing board

June 14, 2018 LinkedHope
6U VPX Image & Video Processing Board, VP69703
6U VPX Image & Video Processing Board, VP69703

June 15th, 2018, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope® has launched a 6U VPX image & video processing board, named VP69703.

VP69703 is mainly designed for applications of embedded image & video processing and GPGPU. Implementation of large data exchange of VP69703 with system board through PCIe 3.0.

VP69703 connects with system board by PCIe x8 and supports DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2, and OpenCL™ 1.2. It provides a mature solution for harsh working environment, such as vehicle and avionics, and needs high performance for graphic and video processing.

On VP69703, there are 2 independent display output interfaces in the front, which can also be based on customer needs, maximum output 4xDP+1xVGA. graphics processing module is equipped with 2GB GDDR5 video memory, 768/48 GFLOPS single/double precision peak (600e/4.5Gbps) processing ability. VP69703 is highly suitable for HD output (1920x1080), 4K output (3840x2160), high-performance parallel computing and other applications and fields.

In addition, VP69703 is a VPX GPU card of LinkedHope® based on the specific needs of industry customers for extended display and large data computing. Furthermore, LinkedHope® can also provide customized development services for the user's different requirements.

Target applications: GPGPU Computing, HD display, Image & Video Processing, Digital Signal Processing.

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