Löhnert Elektronik is Integrating the QAR Quality Imaging Tester from Rohde & Schwarz into its New Test Benches for Automotive Radomes

April 7, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Löhnert Elektronik integrates the R&S QAR Quality Automotive Radome Tester from Rohde & Schwarz into its new end-of-line test benches for automotive radomes. Löhnert Elektronik has already launched the first test bench with the automotive radome tester. The machine is driven by the Löhnert instant scripting RunTime (LisRT V3) software together with a Siemens SPC controller. 

According to the company, the R&S QAR is presently the only tester on the market that can test these radomes quickly and over their full surface area.

The R&S QAR Quality Automotive Radome Tester tests the entire radome. It is based on distributed planar arrays of transmit and receive antennas operating in the E band. The system performs spatially resolved reflection measurements, allowing evaluation of radome performance within seconds. The user can see at a glance whether the material has any defects. The millimeterwave images reproducibly show how much of the radar signal is reflected by the radome and how much is transmitted unhindered through the radome (transmissivity). The system reveals even the smallest inhomogeneity in the material.

The rotary indexing machine contains different type-specific holders for the objects under test (component nests) and two test stations for transmission and reflection reference measurements. The radomes can be placed in the test holders either manually or by a robot. The system identifies them by a barcode or a data matrix code (DMC).

Normalization of the test equipment (self-adjustment to change operating conditions) is possible directly on the line, without losing much time. This is done using the test stations with their test plates. The measurement accuracy and function can also be verified directly on the line without reconfiguration.

According to the company, they can adapt the test bench to new radomes by exchanging the component nests and modifying the evaluation masks in the software. These test benches are now available for automotive radomes up to around 200 mm in diameter.

For more information, visit: https://www.loehnert-elektronik.de/index.php/de/

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