IoT Module for Sensor Applications


With the increase in day to day activities life can be unpredictable. In cases when your home is threatened by thieves, water, smoke, or carbon monoxide, quick action can help limit the impact. Our state-of-the-art sensors and alert systems warn you of potential dangers, so you can act fast reducing health risks for loved ones, preserving your home, and saving money from averted damages. With smart home products from SSLA, home living has never been easier. In fact, most smart home systems and smart home automation systems can be controlled by your smart phone.

We provide home integration of various connected devices by increasing awareness across multiple facets of the home, from thermostats to door locks to refrigerators to solar panels. Having insight from various devices across the entire home can enable machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to create comprehensive ecosystems of connected home technologies.

We provide - end to end service delivery for real estate developers, a comprehensive range of solutions and over 14 years' experience.

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