Innodisk Securing Travel Safety and Reducing Downtime

April 15, 2019 Innodisk

Taipei - Air Travel is steadily growing year by year and with more people moving through airports security is becoming ever more essential. One of the larger airports in the Asia region was implementing a new surveillance system. The system would be comprised of many smaller units where a local server would connect to several security cameras. Innodisk provided many of the key hardware and software components.

An iCAP™ client was customized to fit the requirements of the local servers. This client would monitor components and communicate with a central server. If any of the components malfunctioned or were approaching their lifespan, the client would send out a notification so that timely maintenance could be initiated; ultimately lowering downtime and TCO.

On the hardware side, Innodisk supplied high capacity flash to ensure adequate storage space for recordings and high transfer speeds. Similarly, high-performance DRAM was installed to facilitate rapid data analysis and transfer. Lastly, the client needed an easy method of adding additional camera connections to the local server. This was easily implemented with Innodisk's PoE+ Expansion Cards that deliver both power and signal through a single cable.

With these parts in place, the need for memory, storage, communication, and component management were all addressed by a comprehensive software and hardware solution.

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