Harwin Claims Smallest & Most Lightweight Mixed-Layout Connectors to Date

October 24, 2019 Alix Paultre

Harwin recently introduced a family of mixed-layout versions of the company’s Gecko-SL series. By complementing the data contacts with 2 or 4 power contacts (in power/data configurations of either 1+8+1 or 2+8+2), the Gecko-MT products have respective power and data current ratings of 10A and 2.8A max per contact.


The initial release comprises female and male cable connectors, plus female vertical and male right-angle PCB connector options. These components are fitted with stainless steel screw-lok fixings (in both conventional and reversed formats), with 20G vibration and 100G shock resilience. The operational temperature range spans from -65°C to 150°C, and the connectors have low outgassing properties.


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