Digital oscilloscopes integrate true spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, PSU

September 7, 2017 ECD Staff

Saelig’s GW Instek MDO-2000E Series Oscilloscopes include two instrument combinations that integrate multiple test instruments in a single enclosure, including a true built-in spectrum analyzer and arbitrary waveform generator.

The two- or four-channel MDO-2000EX features a 5,000-count DMM and 5V/1A power supply, and is available in 70 MHz, 100 MHz, and 200MHz bandwidths.

MDO-2000EG models feature a dual-channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator in addition to the true spectrum analyzer.

Compared to conventional digital oscilloscopes that rely on FFT calculations over the entire signal bandwidth, MDO-2000E series units analyze a defined signal spectrum of interest for higher resolution results. Users can input data of interest regarding the signal such as center frequency, start/stop frequency, and span to conduct measurements in both the time and frequency domains.

The MDO-2000E digital oscilloscopes are capable of testing signals below 9 kHz, as well as signals with a DC component. They offer the same capabilities as real-time spectrum analyzers, but faster than frequency sweeping.

MDO-2000E oscilloscopes are available now. Visit for more information.


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