Wind River at embedded world 2020

February 20, 2020 Wind River
For nearly four decades, Wind River® has been driving innovation and delivering secure, safe, proven solutions that enable the digital transformation of critical infrastructure. Visit us at Embedded World 2020 to see how we are accelerating the evolution from automated to autonomous and leading the 5G revolution across the intelligent edge-for robotics, energy, manufacturing, and autonomous vehicles of all kinds across air, land, and sea.
Bridging the Gap Between Cloud Computing and Edge Devices
Cloud computing has become pervasive in the infrastructure used in different industry sectors, and this compute capability is now driving increasing requirements for edge computing. Bringing compute power near the source of the data becomes paramount for addressing scalability, coping with real-time constraints, and handling the latency and security of emerging applications. The boundary between embedded devices and cloud computing has never been so thin.
In order to overcome these challenges and support these new constraints, software developers are using many technologies in which RTOS, virtualization, and containers are cornerstones of the architecture. Learn about the challenges of implementing heterogeneous systems through an actual use case of a critical function combined with cybersecurity features, based on a system architecture comprising a real-time operating system (RTOS), Yocto-based Linux and Docker containers running on both a system-on-chip platform as well as an OpenStack-based platform.
Speaker: Bruno Rouchouse, Director of Field Engineering, Wind River
Impacts of Increased Software Diversity on Embedded Systems
Learn about a new and unique developer-focused site where developers can collaborate to innovate at the edge, enabling capabilities such as machine learning and computer vision; where technologists can gain early access to proof-of-concepts, open source integrations, experimental software, and Wind River-compatible projects (ROS 2, OpenCV, TensorFlow). The site showcases the first-ever VxWorks® RTOS software developer kit (SDK).
Speaker: Maarten Koning, Fellow Engineer Technology Office, Wind River
Visit our booth to see Wind River Technology in action
Services-Oriented Architecture (SoA) for Connected, Autonomous, Electrified Vehicles
This demonstration showcases virtualization with a hypervisor enabling multiple HMI displays, each with its own OS instance, to demonstrate GPU sharing.
Mixed Criticality with ROS 2
This demonstration showcases virtualization with a hypervisor enabling multiple independent guests, each with their own OS instance (VxWorks or Wind River Linux), demonstrating ROS 2 for VxWorks support.
Rapid Design Testing
This demonstration showcases Wind River Simics enabling embedded software developers to perform faster design test, with greater insight and the ability to automate metrics generation with Python.
The Ease of Desktop Brought to Embedded
Come see how Wind River is making it easier than ever to develop for embedded with support for the latest programming languages and a new e-Learning portal for on-demand training. You'll also experience Wind River Labs, our online sandbox that provides access to our latest experimental projects, open source integrations, and new technologies, including a new VxWorks SDK download.
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