How the US-China Trade War Impacting the Electronics Industry with EPC's Alex Lidow

July 19, 2019 Brandon Lewis

With every passing day, the US-China trade war is having a greater and greater impact on the electronics market. Not only is it disrupting existing supply chains and manufacturing operations, it's also damaging long-lasting business relationships between tech companies on both sides of the Pacific. In most cases, these relationships were often difficult to build, and are being unravelled in a matter of months.

On this episode of the Embedded Insiders, Alex Lidow, the CEO of Efficient Power Conversion and one of the Semiconductor Industry Association's (SIA's) lead negotiators during the U.S. – Japan Trade Accord of 1986. Here, Alex shares some of his experiences from that turbulent time, and applies them to the current political and economic climate. 

"Up until now, Chinese companies and people believed that the process of democracy in the US was greater than any individual. Now they believe that any individual is greater than the process. And therefore, the US is an unreliable trade partner forever more, because they don't know what the next individual will bring."

Tune in for more. Or, read "A Trade War, the Tech Market, and a Taiwanese Trade Show" on

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