Top ten articles of October 2016

October 28, 2016 OpenSystems Media

The audience has spoken. From AI to audio processing to the Internet of Things, these were your top ten favorite articles this October.

1. “Snappy” gateway application development with Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core (aka, Snappy) isolates software in packages called Snaps, where applications are bundled with all the necessary libraries and isolated from other applications and the OS itself. Learn why this configuration is beneficial for over-the-air updates, IoT gateways, and IoT development.

2. AWS, Microchip deliver trust anchor for end-to-end IoT security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microchip have partnered up to bring client authentication to IoT devices, enabling them to be automatically recognized by the AWS IoT cloud as soon as they request service. Find out how.

3. Bluetooth’s third trick – Mesh networking for IoT

In this Q&A, Erret Kroeter, VP of Marketing at Bluetooth SIG discusses range, power consumption, and backwards compatibility of Bluetooth SIG’s new mesh networking specification.

4. Raspberry Pi and Arduino in industrial applications

Do hobbyist tools have a place in industrial settings? Jeremy Cook presents his case for DIY ingenuity beyond the garage.

5. Connecting devices to the Internet of Things with Wi-Fi

Niko Vokas offers practical considerations for developers looking to implement pre-certified, fully integrated Wi-Fi connectivity solutions in their products.

6. Internet of Things requirements and protocols

Kim Rowe of RoweBots discusses how to choose the right IoT and M2M protocols.

7. AI for the embedded IoT

The IoT may promises improvements in efficiency and quality of life, but all that data may be instrumental in the progression of artificial intelligence – if only we can bridge the IT/OT gap.

8. Edward Snowden and data security for the Internet of Things

Does the fact that we can collect data mean that we should? Edward Snowden makes an appearance via live stream at the 2016 Privacy Exchange Forum to weigh in.

9. Choosing the best IoT protocol

Compare and contrast popular IoT communication protocols including Thread, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Low Energy and more.

10. Creating a killer audio product in a day

The Audio Engineering Society sets out to deliver a voice command speaker in one day in a seminar at AES 2016. Here’s how they did it.

Jamie Leland, Content Assistant
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