Top Embedded Distributor: Q&A with Russell Rasor, Mouser Electronics

February 1, 2013 OpenSystems Media

1Mouser Electronics is a global distributor for semiconductors and electronic components. Mouser stocks a wide selection of the newest technologies with more than 3 million products online from 450+ leading manufacturers. Mouser has 19 locations worldwide to provide local service and ships to more than 400,000 customers in 170 countries.

ECD: As a major component supplier to OEMs, what are the most significant changes and trends that you see in the embedded marketplace?

RASOR: Some of the more common trends we see are related to an increase in wireless connectivity to the cloud and very low-power processing and operation.

Advancements and innovations in mobilization and miniaturization from the consumer products such as tablets and smartphones are finding their way into almost every end-equipment segment. It’s been estimated that within two years, more than 30 percent of all patient-monitoring equipment will be portable with a wireless interface rather than a cable. Many building automation systems now use ultra-low-power sensor networks in conjunction with wireless networking of all types, even including connections to the ubiquitous smartphone.

The capabilities and ease of adoption are there and value keeps increasing, so we will see more and more embedded control in all things – this will create more products and services than ever before. With more new components being released, design engineers want help selecting from the vast array of new products with good support, fast delivery of information, and quick access to the development tools required.

ECD: What is your assessment of the worldwide market conditions for embedded technology, and how does it affect your business development plans?

RASOR: The technologies driving embedded designs are one of the primary reasons we saw growth in 2012 and maintain a positive outlook on 2013. Despite the current global economic climate, we saw tremendous growth in the number of customers purchasing embedded modules, embedded development tools, embedded processors, and RF components. We don’t see any reason to change our business plan. We will continue to focus on the design engineer by the rapid introduction of our suppliers’ newest products, and simplifying engineers’ purchase decisions through increased online technical resources, a broad product selection, and the newest technology to choose from.

ECD: In which market segment and geographic area do you foresee the fastest growth for embedded products?

RASOR: The focus of the design engineers that we serve shows a great deal of interest in wireless, embedded processing/controls, and the peripheral products that support the sensing and power management of their designs. This activity crosses many market segments like communications, industrial, transportation, building automation, medical, energy, and so on. The obvious growth areas will be related to the mobilization and wireless integration of machine-to-machine processes and infrastructure.

In the design business we see growth in all regions, but especially in Europe and Asia, where the design engineering customer base has historically lacked the support and service they need. We will continue to grow our international footprint, and add people focusing on localized technical and customer support in addition to our truly global website tailored to each region’s currency, language, and product focus.

ECD: What seminar, educational events, and/or online support do you offer to help designers keep up-to-date on the latest embedded products and technologies?

RASOR: To keep designers up-to-date on the latest embedded products, we have recently enhanced our Newest Products and Applications & Technologies sites on to make the research process quicker and easier than ever.

The Newest Products site highlights one of Mouser’s major strengths: the rapid launch of the newest products and development tools from top manufacturers of embedded products such as Texas Instruments, Altera, Maxim Integrated, and Murata. Engineers and buyers can search by product category or by manufacturer, and view a single-page overview of a particular product. From there, the engineer can download datasheets, application notes, and other technical resources and purchase parts to help speed their time to market (see

The Applications & Technologies area on is focused on market segments and new technologies such as lighting, medical, industrial, and RF wireless. This brand-new site highlights solutions using block-diagram navigation for easy viewing of recommended products for specific system functions. Other technical resources include articles covering industry trends and embedded design issues. Plus, application notes, tutorials, white papers, videos, and other solution-based content are available to aid the design process (see

For further assistance, we offer 19 customer support centers across the globe to provide technical support in local language, time zone, and currency. We believe this local, personal support is key in providing service excellence to our customers.

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