The future of embedded backplanes, system-level fabrics, and Serial RapidIO technology

October 1, 2007 OpenSystems Media
Feature / Discussion: October 2007Interconnects are traditionally evaluated based on technical features, compatibility, extensibility, and performance, with business advantages factored in as an afterthought. In the past two years, the embedded interconnect market has undergone a seismic shift and ultimately, two technologies – Ethernet and RapidIO – have emerged as the logical choices when examining technical leadership and performance, with PCI Express (PCIe) filling a niche spot. This market evolution has caused many OEMs to focus more intently on the business case for these three technologies. Analyzing newly published data from Crystal Cube Consulting and a Freescale Ethernet/RapidIO white paper, Tom promotes strategic discussions about taking technology decisions to the next level.

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Tom Cox (RapidIO Trade Association)
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