Sensuron releases Summit, a FOS platform that consolidates multiple measurement technologies

March 8, 2016 OpenSystems Media

Sensuron, a company that specializes in fiber-optic sensing (FOS) systems, recently released its Summit product (Figure 1). Sensuron claims that this is the first FOS platform to provide fully distributed sensing with the ability to combine multiple measurement technologies into one platform. With comprehensive and real-time access to data, engineers are better equipped to detect design flaws earlier, saving resources, increasing efficiencies, and preventing costly failures after a product has launched.

[Figure 1]

In general, FOS systems collect and analyze material and structural data based on changes in the way light moves down a fiber-optic cable. They can extract environmental parameters such as strain, loads, and temperature gradients, as well as deflection and 3D shape sensing when light is passed through a network of hair-thin fibers. By measuring the changes in how light reflects back given various changes in these parameters, FOS technology can provide real-time monitoring of applications, helping to ensure the integrity, efficiency, and long-term durability of equipment.

Suited for design, test, mechanical, and stress applications across the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries, Summit lets engineers replace a number of measurement technologies, like strain gauges and thermocouples, with one. In addition, with distributed sensing capabilities, engineers have access to better data and can detect design flaws earlier in product development. Key benefits of the Summit product include greater sensing length, the ability to adjust the sensor, and increased flexibility.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
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