Sensors Expo 2015: EMAC engineers give embedded take on "IoT"

June 18, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Marketing teams have been on the Internet of Things (IoT) train for a while now, but embedded engineers are a different breed. No matter where I am or who I ask in the developer community there is still a rainbow spectrum of opinions on what exactly the IoT is, and here EMAC, Inc.’s Jeff Young offers his interpretation in his own words.

“I think that IoT is a buzzword, but if it resonates with a particular engineer and makes them think differently, then it’s worth talking about,” Young says. “The price is coming down for sensors, and being able to figure out how to collect, vet, and analyze information in the real world will materialize.”

As an example, Young cites the agriculture domain, which has recently been popularized in the IoT discussion and has been an area of expertise for embedded board providers like EMAC. No matter what you call it, according to Young, farmers need hard data and by capitalizing on aggregate “IoT” sensor networks they can avoid the intensive process of gathering water, temperature, and humidity data across acreage.

EMAC provides an array of low-power, ARM-based wireless sensor processing platforms for such use cases.

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Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor
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