Reliable Performance in Extreme Power Distribution Applications

June 6, 2017 TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity\\\'s LEV100H Contactor Operates in Harsh and Explosive Environments

TE Connectivity\\\’s LEV100H Contactor Operates in Harsh and Explosive Environments

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has released its new KILOVAC LEV100H extended performance contactors with auxiliary contacts. Designed for harsh environment and load applications, this version of the LEV series contactors offers extremely high performance for its small size and low weight. Hermetically sealed, LEV100H contactors can withstand the extreme operating conditions in most harsh battery storage and power distribution systems without oxidation or contamination of contacts, even after long periods of non-operation.

Reliable in most explosive and corrosive environments, LEV100H contactors are among the smallest 150A/1000V contactors in the industry and are rated for 150A continuous carry. The 8kV isolation between open contacts makes these contactors ideal for high-voltage (HV) isolation and carry applications.

“At TE, we’re continually redesigning solutions to help meet the demands of industries and application partners. The updated design of the LEV100 contactor is the latest example of that process,” said Earle Alldredge, senior product manager of global Aerospace, Defense & Marine at TE Connectivity. “The LEV100H is an upgrade that incorporates auxiliary contacts as well as meets higher current and voltage ratings, while staying within a small footprint to meet the demands of reduced size.”

Versatile in design and configuration, LEV100H contactors are available with 12, 24 and 48 VDC coils as well as side- and bottom-mount configurations.

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