Raspberry Pi goes custom for industrial, commercial applications

October 28, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Raspberry Pi Trading is partnering exclusively with element14 to provide customized Raspberry Pi A, B/B+, Compute, and Pi 2 model designs for use in industrial and commercial applications. This is the first time customized Raspberry Pi boards are available.

Raspberry Pi B+, 2, A, B, and Compute Module.

element14 says they’ve received a number of requests to create customized boards that led to this announcement. Examples of customization include reconfiguring board layouts, incorporating additional functionality, redesigning interfaces, and reconfiguring the board and memory. Customized boards will be suited for use in applications like IoT and energy management to industrial and end-consumer devices, and can be ordered in quantities starting around 3,000-5,000, depending on the customization. element14’s 200+ design engineers, in-house Embest and AVID technology businesses along with training from Broadcom and Raspberry Pi Trading will help element14 evaluate customer needs to provide bespoke Pi boards to meet the requirements of these industries’ applications.

OEMs can now take Raspberry Pi’s advantages of ease of programming and the ability to control and interact with physical devices and use them in commercial-scale devices. This is a big step for the little maker board that started out with the goal of teaching basic computer science to kids in developing countries. A Raspberry Pi may soon be running an industrial, IoT, energy management, or commercial device near you!

Watch element14’s Global Head of Raspberry Pi Claire Doyle and Senior Director of Strategic Supplier Development Richard Curtin discuss the announcement in the video below, or go to element14.com/CustomPi for more information.

Monique DeVoe, Managing Editor
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