No shortage of IoT displays at Computex 2016

May 26, 2016 OpenSystems Media

No longer the niche industry it once was, the wave of IoT has grabbed embedded computing by the scruff of the neck and dragged it into the consumer space. Well acquainted with the importance of IoT, Computex 2016 (May 31 – June 4, in Taipei, Taiwan) has introduced SmarTEX, an area tasked that’s specifically for parading innovative IoT applications. Within SmarTEX and throughout the show floor, Computex will highlight the latest advances in Smart Homes, Wearables, 3D printing, and an abundance of the new IoT subsets that are imagined almost daily.

SmarTEX will showcase existing platforms and ideas alongside IoT solutions for business. Much like the invention of the laser, there’s no doubt the proven technology exists. However, identifying and deploying applications in use cases that not only reduce operational costs, but generate revenue themselves is the key to unlocking the potential of IoT and overcoming the industry’s natural nervousness of implementing cutting edge technology.

With technology companies regularly queried as to what their IoT strategy is, SmarTEX seeks to clear the fog and further understand where your business fits into the IoT ecosystem. Almost 160 companies invested in IoT will present their vision within the dedicated show floor.

The IoT vision gaining real traction and this is most visible within the industry behemoths. I expect to see comprehensive end-to-end IoT solutions from the embedded stalwarts of Intel, Microsoft, ARM, and NXP, while Dell, relatively fresh to the IoT scene, has rapidly expanded its claim to a stake in this debatably ‘new’ market.

Staying within the theme of traditional enterprise computing giants, expect big announcements from the likes of Acer and Asus, desperate to clamber into the Smart Home and Entertainment markets. Mercedez-Benz will be presenting its achievements in V2X connected automotive electronics, alongside less familiar names of MiTAC and E-Lead Electronics.

Manufacturers quickly growing on the back of IoT subsets include ThroughTek and BeSeye Cloud Security, driving connected home security applications. Tatung Technology will display its depth in numerous smart solution applications.

One thing we do know is, as each advance in IoT implementation spurs a new generation of ideas, growth will be exponential, with 35% year-on-year growth predicted, and with no one wanting to be left behind!

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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