Heading to Electronica? You need SeO, or Search electronica Optimization

July 7, 2016 OpenSystems Media

A recurring discussion we have each year with our thousands of clients in the embedded and IoT space is, “How can we better engage with engineers?” As electronica 2016 approaches (Nov 8-11, in Munich), that question becomes more relevant as hundreds of exhibitors look to grab the attention of more than 50,000 engineers visiting the show.

At Embedded Computing Design, we think content is the answer. Content can not only answer the question about how to engage with engineers, but it’s also one of the single best ways to drive search engine optimization (SEO).

So, here are a few things you can do today to create awareness and drive engineers to your booth during electronica:

1) SEO needs to be part of your equation. When we think about the engineer’s journey from gathering information to purchasing, content must be available to validate the engineer’s decision. Everything you do on your own site as well as outside of your site is incorporated into how Google ranks your pages. Thus, having links that point back to your site will drive your SEO.

2) Keywords are key. Your sales team and FAEs get lots of questions, complaints, challenges, and specific words that engineers use to search for products and technologies. Use these words in the content you produce. And try to create content from an end-user experience.

3) Create content that labels you as the expert. But also keep in mind that it should aid your sales team in their sales process. They should be able to point to the blog to show or help perspective buyers.

4) Post it! Here are a few places you can post your blogs (for free):

  1. Embedded Computing Design
  2. IoT Design
  3. LinkedIn (we can help here, we maintain Embedded Computing and IoT Design, plus there are thousands of others)

5) Now share it! Use your own social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube) to share your post with your networks. Create a link to it on your home page, feature it in your E-newsletters and email campaigns, feature in your press pack, convert it to a white paper and drive leads, create a webinar around it. These are just a few ideas to gain visibility and awareness.

Blogs posted to on Embedded Computing Design are read by more than 120,000 engineers worldwide, and before shows like electronica and Embedded World, activity increases more than 20 percent.

So, let’s get the process started. Let’s drive your SeO before electronica to help your sales team do their job.

Here is the link to our blogging instructions: http://share.opsy.st/57f797cf1de96-Blogging.Embedded.IoT.Instructions.pdf

And a sample article about electronica from On Semi: http://embedded-computing.com/news/on-vehicles-industrial-iot-electronica-2016/

Full list of options for exhibitors at electronica: http://share.opsy.st/57f798227b98f-Electronica+promo+options.pdf

Patrick Hopper
OpenSystems Media

Patrick Hopper
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