Gemalto releases HSM and network encryption solutions at RSA

February 13, 2017 Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

AMSTERDAM. Gemalto has launched the SafeNet Luna Hardware Security Module (HSM) 7 and 100 Gbps SafeNet CN9100 High Speed Encryptor at the RSA Conference, both of which target big data encryption across cloud, enterprise, and corporate networks.

SafeNet Luna HSM 7 provides scalability for simultaneous encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing cryptographic operations while offering tamper-resistant protection of cryptographic keys. Version 7 of the HSM is capable of performing up to 10,000 RSA-2048 or 20,000 ECC P-256 operations per second.

The SafeNet High Speed Encryptor encrypts Layer 2 traffic at native speeds of 100 Gbps. The CN9100 has exhibited typical latencies of under 2 microseconds.

“As organizations increasingly embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based applications, their requirements to cope with big data intensify,” says Todd Moore, Senior Vice President of Encryption Products at Gemalto. “This necessitates organizations to conduct more cryptographic operations in the same, or a shorter amount of time, which means they need an easy, scalable way to attach security directly to the data in order to protect it while in motion and at rest.”

Details on Gemalto’s SafeNet Luna HSM and SafeNet High Speed Encryptors can be found at and, respectively.

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