Express Logic's ThreadX adds RTOS capabilities to ARM's mbed ecosystem

March 24, 2015 OpenSystems Media

I happen to be a fan of ARM’s mbed ecosystem. Like many of the other development platforms, it’s a great way to get your prototype designed with a huge head start. To that end, Express Logic is joining the the group in an attempt to ease the design of IoT-related products.

The first question I asked was, ARM already has an operating system as part of its ecosystem, the ARM mbed OS. So what can Express Logic bring to the party? The answer is that its ThreadX RTOS and NetX Duo IPv6 network stack provide a natural compliment to mbed OS by adding full real-time RTOS capabilities and advanced networking technology for IoT networked applications that require robust RTOS functionality.

ARM mbed OS is an operating environment for IoT devices and is well suited to run in energy constrained applications. It also includes the connectivity, security, and device management functionalities required for many IoT applications. But that’s where the techniology generally ends. To reach the next level, you really need a robust RTOS – enter ThreadX.

Specifically, ThreadX provides a solution for IoT developers who need priority-based, fully preemptive scheduling capabilities plus all the additional services of a commercial RTOS. It also brings round-robin scheduling, preemption-threshold scheduling, priority inheritance, event-chaining, event-trace, run-time stack analysis, and completely deterministic processing. For devices requiring safety certification, ThreadX has received certifications for medical, industrial, transportation, and avionics applications.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
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