Embedded World Preview: IoT, the cloud, automotive, graphics, and more

February 13, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Many manufacturers struggle with one exciting product to promote at a show, but Adlink delivers – in 2015 they are showcasing five technological innovations spanning the breadth of the embedded marketplace.

Heavily focused on IoT, Adlink are showcasing their fanless IoT Gateway platform, the Matrix MXE-200i. Powered by the latest Intel Atom E3862; this new processor family enabling unprecedented performance, within ultra-compact enclosure due to exceptionally low TDP.

Aimed at facility management, industrial automation and all things IoT, coupled with SEMA Cloud connectivity, maximizing manageability and security enabling true real time remote monitoring. That same SEMA cloud suite allows deploying entire configurations remotely, removing cross platform restrictions entirely – truly a revolution in itself. The IoT movement relies on a stable and secure infrastructure, with an intuitive front end – the SEMA Cloud 2.0 ticks all those boxes for management, by monitoring and control.

Toward the other end of the x86 performance spectrum, Adlink’s CExpress-BL is their first system-on-module (SOM) featuring the 5th Generation Core i7-5650U, i5-5350U, and i3-5010U. Incredibly offering support for multiple 4K resolution display output and, equally impressive at this performance level, extended temperature range.

With fully integrated support for Adlink’s Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) providing detailed access to system functionality and management via the emerging cloud.

Firmly at the high performance end of the x86 spectrum lies Adlink’s HCX-1000 rugged edge server sporting the Intel Xeon processor. This ruggedized, passively cooled and even IP65 rated edge server is designed for exterior usage, particularly targeted at vehicular applications.

Finally, making further ground in the ruggedized tablet market, the IMT-BT combines Intel Celeron N2807 performance with impressive battery life. What must separate an industrial tablet from a commercial alternative is its shock and vibration credentials (the IMT-BT supports a 1.2m sheer drop) and its resistance to liquid ingress, addressed by its IP65 rating – the combination ideal for logistics and transportation applications.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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