embedded world 2017: Intrinsyc IP camera reference design supports real-time video processing

February 24, 2017 Jamie Leland, Content Assistant

Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation now offers the Open‐Q 650 IP Camera Reference Design for IP camera development or developing edge video processing software, such as motion detection, face detection, face recognition, and human tracking, that can be used in sophisticated access control scenarios, retail environments, and industrial settings. The reference design supports the Snapdragon 650 processor, an integrated GPU and DSP, the Sony IMX274 8MP camera sensor, up to three streams of H.264/H.265 VBR/CBR 30 fps at 3840 x 2160, Android 5 Lollipop, and SDK/NDK for creating custom video analytics applications.

“Previously, video streams had to be transmitted to back-end systems for processing,” said Cliff Morton, Vice President of Client Solutions, Intrinsyc. “Our IP camera is not only extremely capable as it supports up to three H.264/H.265 30fps HD streams, but with the leading-edge on-board processor, new and innovative real-time video processing scenarios may be performed on the camera. This makes advanced detection scenarios possible with never seen before ultra-low latencies.”

For more information, visit Intrinsyc’s booth at embedded world 2017 (hall 1, booth 1-636) in Nuremburg, Germany from March 14-16, 2017, or find them online at intrinsyc.com.

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