Embedded TechCon Day 1: Kicking off with IoT, security, and Embedded Linux

June 10, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Embedded TechCon is underway! In our inaugural hands-on event collocated with the Design Automation Conference, Day 1 focused a lot on the IoT, especially security and how to take advantage of the value being poured into the IoT space. Many attendees were engineers working in the IoT space, and some were coming to familiarize themselves with the IoT.

Kevin Williams, Solutions Architect at Intel, kicked off the event with a presentation on the Internet of Things and Intel’s IoT Platform. Kevin talked about the security, fragmentation, integration, and data utilization challenges that span IoT development and deployment.

Matthias Huber, Vice President of ADLINK, also talked about the IoT and ADLINK’s SEMA platforms for smart devices. The SEMA Cloud – and new SEMA Cloud 2.0 – platform allows diagnostics and remote management of smart devices.

Alan Grau, President and Co-founder of Icon Labs, continued the theme of IoT, and focused on securing IoT devices including discussion on challenges, standards, methods, and how hypervisors can help with the security that’s necessary to taking advantage of the trillions of dollars of potential value in IoT.

Independent Consultant Bill Gatliff changed it up with a discussion on Embedded Linux and its development, deployment, and maintenance, with specific examples using Debian Linux and the Pragmatux Linux distribution.

Each presentation has also ended with great discussion between our industry-leader speakers and attendees.

Monique DeVoe, Managing Editor
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