electronica: Linear Technology's plug-and-play and IoT retrofit capabilities in action

October 25, 2016 OpenSystems Media

Off-the-shelf and IoT are rarely synonymous, the combination of new technology and new applications rarely satisfied by that one-size-fits-all approach – though that is changing.

IoT is traveling down the same road from niche to mainstream as “embedded” itself has, and with that comes a range of off-the-peg IoT products on show at electronica 2016 in Munich. Two vendors implementing SmartMesh radios from Linear Technology at their heart of their solutions will join their stand to show plug-and-play and IoT retrofit capabilities in action.

The first, VersaSense, employs SmartMesh IP to claim the world’s first plug-and-play IoT platform to instantly deploy that much vaunted new IoT business model, sensing-as-a-service. Early adaptations of this fairly primary IoT promise lacked ease of configurability and left many frustrated. Their MicroPnP product claims zero-configuration with round-the-clock control and monitoring of devices over multiple locales, declared to support over 50 existing plug-and-play sensors

The second, Vicotee Njord is exhibiting their IoT retrofit solution, lifting the restrictions of traditional wired sensors and dragging them into wireless connectivity through a single wireless network. Such nodes are part of a wider ecosystem that spans cloud based services and reporting tools down to gateways – with both stand-alone and API-based supporting software to satisfy both those wanting immediate and fully branded solutions.

By those SmartMesh components at the heart of both solutions, both vendors can claim network reliabilities of over 99.999% with 10 years battery life, with those batteries themselves monitored over the network.

Linear Technology partnered with VersaSense and Vicotee Njord will be exhibiting at electronica 2016 in Munich on November 8-11th.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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