electronica: Experience Infineon Designer at Infineon's maker's corner

November 2, 2016 OpenSystems Media

Pushing the capabilities of dynamic cloud based applications further, Infineon Designer enables designers to rapidly identify correct solutions for defined applications without the hassle of installation or licensing.

Its rich content provides a wealth of pre-designed application circuits covering motor control, lighting, mobile/RF front end, and industrial power designs. Employing the powerful coding platform DAVE, it facilitates co-simulation of analog/digital circuitry under the ARM Cortex-M0 XMC1000 industrial microcontroller.

Beyond identifying key components and satisfying key functions, Infineon Designer’s crucial function serves as a digital prototyping engine to rapidly transition the inception of an idea to a fully functional solution as effortlessly as possible. By permitting a “soft evaluation board,” it slashes both cost and time by avoiding hardware proof-of-concept and even initial prototype phases.

By partnering with DesignSoft, the Infineon Designer harnesses the power of the TINACloud environment, the cloud based version of their familiar TINA circuit simulation suite, which offers cross-platform support even down to our smart phones. VHDL, Verilog, or even C-based digital functions are simulated alongside analog circuitry modeled in SPICE.

Available via infineon.com/ifxdesigner by November 8, the portal purports to contain everything one needs to immediately begin designing. During electronica 2016, they will demonstrate the power of this platform by soft prototyping lighting and motor control functions via Arduino shields, then comparing with physical hardware at their maker’s corner.

Infineon will be exhibiting at electronica 2016 in Munich, November 8-11th.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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