Electric Imp: World’s First IoT Platform to Earn UL 2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification

May 17, 2017 Electric Imp

Electric ImpⓇ, a global IoT secure connectivity and application middleware platform provider, today announced that Electric Imp Platform modules – imp003, imp004m, and imp005 – earned UL® 2900-2-2 certification.

Due to the unique architecture of the UL certified Electric Imp Platform, which – even on embedded devices – separates the fully maintained OS, network and security stack from the application, Electric Imp customers can reduce the time and effort to certify their products by leveraging the UL Certified Cybersecurity Software Implementation Solution. This enables application cybersecurity certification at less cost and faster time to market for IoT-connected products.

“The UL cybersecurity certification provides a purchaser confidence that the product has been thoroughly reviewed and tested to a trusted standard,” said Hugo Fiennes, Electric Imp CEO. “As industry standards and government regulations evolve, respected independent testing will remain the best means to help assure manufacturers and customers that they have done their due diligence to mitigate risk when using the IoT.”

The Electric Imp Platform is the first IoT platform that:

· Is Certified to UL 2900-2-2 (Standard for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Devices, Part 2-2: Particular Requirements for Industrial Control Systems). UL Certified solutions can be found on the UL Online certification directory by searching with UL category code “CYBR”.

· Empowers end product manufacturers and customers to take advantage of the new UL Certified Cybersecurity Software Implementation Solution, which enables Electric Imp customers to significantly reduce engineering, testing, and certification effort and fees by certifying only the incremental parts of their product not already included in the comprehensive, pre-certified Electric Imp Platform.

“UL recognized early on that a lack of concrete, testable standards for IoT cybersecurity meant that product developers were unsure whether their products were secure enough to ship,” Fiennes said. “In addition, with no independent benchmark for customers to reference, purchasers could pick poorly and expose themselves to unknown risks, resulting in IoT deployments being cancelled, postponed or scaled back.”

Mitigating IoT security risk remains crucial to the advancement of IoT overall. In Gartner IoT Backbone Survey, for example, security was cited as the top barrier to IoT success. In the 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance Report, 50% of respondents said that security was the number one IoT deployment inhibitor.

“I’m pleased to see that Electric Imp proactively received UL 2900-2-2 certification for the cybersecurity of their IoT platform,” states Rachna Stegall, director of connected technologies at UL. “UL 2900-2-2 testing criteria is for Industrial Control Systems to assess software vulnerabilities and weaknesses, minimize exploitation, address known malware and review security controls. Software developers and product manufacturers that select a UL certified platform, and also get their product UL certified, have greater peace of mind in their cyber due diligence. ”

To learn more about Electric Imp security, visit https://electricimp.com/platform/security.

About Electric Imp:

Electric Imp helps more than 100 manufacturers and enterprises transform the world through the power of connectivity. Over a million IoT devices have been built with our highly secure platform as a service, with devices deployed in 105 countries. Our unique solution – featuring fully integrated hardware, OS, security, APIs and cloud services purpose-built for the IoT – dramatically decreases cost and time to market while increasing security, scalability and flexibility. The Electric Imp platform enables innovative commercial and industrial applications and empowers manufacturers to manage and quickly scale their connected products and services to millions of users. Electric Imp, founded in 2011, is located in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England. For more, visit https://electricimp.com.

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