Editor's Choice Speakout: Setting the pace for in-vehicle infotainment systems

December 1, 2010 OpenSystems Media

When buying a new car, consumers expect their in-vehicle device to deliver user experiences similar to the latest consumer electronics products. But delivering on that expectation means keeping pace with the extraordinary rate of innovation taking place in the industry and the issues that come along with that: ubiquitous wireless connectivity, content enablement, multiple standards and suppliers, piecemeal tools and technologies, compatibility, new regulations, intellectual property, licensing, and more.

Wind River puts it all together for the automotive industry by combining its pre-integrated GENIVI-compliant Wind River Platform for Infotainment with software and systems integration services; life-cycle support; tool suites for testing, validation, and verification; and a dynamic world-class partner ecosystem. This approach combines open-source and third-party components with Wind River-unique and semiconductor-unique software to reduce development cycles and allow auto equipment makers to focus on innovation and differentiation.

Editor’s Choice Award: Testing beyond Android compliance

Lots of people are excited about Android, and with good reason. It’s finding homes in smartphones and all kinds of other devices, from set-top boxes to industrial control to defense applications. One critical item that folks should pay attention to is testing – not only being sure everything works, but also being sure nothing breaks.

Figure 1: Framework for Automated Software Testing for Android

Wind River recently introduced Framework for Automated Software Testing for Android. It handles three types of testing: compatibility in the form of Google’s Android Compatibility Test Suite; functional, with “thousands” of tests for popular Systems-on-Chips (SoCs) and chipsets; and stress, helping find things like memory leaks. This should be an immense help to Android developers.

Wind River
Model: Framework for Automated Software Testing for Android
Published in: Embedded Computing Design August 2010

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