E-cast: IoT Overview and the Major Issues – Class 1 of "Device Management 101"

March 21, 2017 embedded e-cast

In this lead-off class, we will briefly review the principles of the IoT and some of the basic configurations that we may encounter (star with gateway, tree, and mesh). We will look at the major issues we face as these networks become more complex, including data issues, communication issues, device monitoring and troubleshooting, and system security. We will identify potential weaknesses in each of these areas and compile a checklist of features that we need in a management system that will carry out these needs. We will also look at ways to prioritize the criticality of the devices and/or their data to help us in assigning levels of security and monitoring capabilities (for example, a temperature sensor used to sense a fire versus a temperature sensor for outside ambient temperature).

Presented by: Wind River

<p><i>Speaker(s): Charles J. Lord, PE (President and Chief Trainer, Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation)</p>

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