Dissecting the Internet of Things

April 30, 2014 OpenSystems Media

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a general term used to describe billions of interconnected devices providing data and processing information. Starting with the big picture is daunting and makes deriving requirements for connectivity, communications, management, and security difficult. The IoT open access & applications philosophy requires proper authentication mechanisms in conjunction with a secure software baseline that minimizes security holes and can isolate accidental or malicious failures.

Join us as we discuss a specific “Internet of Things” deployment for a market application and identify requirements, and implementations for interconnection, security, and use cases for efficient and secure utilization within the IoT world.

Varun Nagaraj, Senior VP and General Manager, Internet of Things, Echelon Corp.
John Blevins, Director of Product Marketing, LynuxWorks
Andrew Caples, Product Marketing Manager – Embedded Software Division, Mentor Graphics
Dr. Edwin de Jong, Vice President of Sales, RTI

Moderator: Curt Schwaderer, Technical Editor, Open Systems Media

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