Connected Medical Devices in the Internet of Things

April 30, 2014 OpenSystems Media

The next wave of the Internet will connect machines and devices together into functioning, intelligent systems. This “Internet of Things” (IoT) will change every industry, every job, and every home. How will it impact medicine? When?

This webinar will reveal how the Internet of Things is changing medicine today by examining real applications of advanced networking technology. The applications include from 911 dispatch, EMS transport, imaging, surgery, ICU interoperability, patient safety, hospital integration, and treatment. We will discuss critical needs: finding the right data, delivering high-fidelity waveforms, integrating large hospital systems, ensuring EMR accuracy, and guarding sensitive information.

Speaker: Dr. Stan Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, RTI

Moderator: Curt Schwaderer, OpenSystems Media

View the free, on-demand e-cast HERE:

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