Code Dx 2.4 to provide interactive application security testing

February 13, 2017 Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

SAN FRANCISCO and NORTHPORT, N.Y. Code Dx, Inc. has released Code Dx 2.4, a suite of software development and testing tools that now supports Contrast Security’s Assess Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solution. Support for IAST enables static and dynamic application security testing methods that allow vulnerabilities to be detected from within running applications, and adds to static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), manual inspection, and third-party component analysis tools and techniques already present in the Code Dx platform.

Other enhancements in version 2.4 include an Age Filter that tracks how long vulnerabilities have been slated to be resolved and time/version filters that help users identify new findings between versions, timeframes, or pre-release/post-release development.

“[Users] can automatically pull results from Assess IAST on a continuous basis without downloading and then uploading scan results each time,” says Ken Prole, CTO of Code DX. “They simply open Code Dx and the latest results are there. We also made other enhancements to Code Dx to improve the value Code Dx offers its users by adding new filters for temporal analysis of findings across scans. These filters help users better understand the results and how to optimize their AST processes.”

Parties interested in a free evaluation of Code Dx 2.4 Enterprise can request a trial at

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