CES 2017: Leti says RELAX with new EEG wearable

January 4, 2017 OpenSystems Media

At CES 2017, French technology research institute Leti will introduce an electroencephalography (EEG) wearable device that measures brain-activity via alpha waves, allowing consumers to measure relaxation levels in real-time. The RELAX headgear aims to allow users to maximize relaxation, adding a new dimension to wellness management in every area of life, from working to studying to exercising or simply listening to music. Medically certified-ready, user-friendly, affordable, and non-invasive, RELAX lets users monitor their own level of attention and enhance mindfulness. The RELAX app, which is connected to the head gear, provides live tracking of alpha-wave activity.

RELAX measures electrical waves generated by the brain using an embedded signal-processing algorithm optimized to extract alpha-wave activity and compute relaxation levels information. This information is then transmitted in real time by a low-power Bluetooth connection to compliant smartphones and tablets. Leveraging the latest dry-electrode technologies, RELAX features intense low-noise amplification electronics, embedded signal processing, and RF communication.

Beyond relaxation, the technology behind RELAX enables many EEG applications outside the lab, including:

Brain fitness (neuro-feedback)

This stress-management and sleep-enhancement technique improves a person’s quality of life.

Brain-computer interface

Object command and control through thought is possible by reading brain signals when thinking specifically. Applications may include virtual reality, video games, and remote assistance of disabled persons for controlling home-automation functions.

Mental-focus monitoring

Tracking concentration and level of attention in high-stakes occupational situations can save lives and prevent environmental disasters. Air- and road-traffic control, and digital-learning tools are among the multiple applications of this technology.

Demos of the RELAX headgear will be available at Booth 50648-50650, in Eureka Park, during the entire CES show.

Pierre Jallon is an R&D manager with a team dedicated to wearables and their applications for health and wellness at Leti. He received an MSc degree from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan. He also holds a PhD from Paris-Est University and an MBA with a specialization in innovation management from Grenoble School of Management. He holds more than 25 patents and has authored many publications.

Pierre Jallon, Leti
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