AMD is hitting its stride at the high end

April 20, 2015 OpenSystems Media

During my recent interview with AMD CEO Lisa Su, I got the impression that she meant business when it comes to the high end of the embedded computing market. The company has positioned itself, through a series of announcements, new products, new technologies, and some ecosystem partnerships, to make it easer to go from concept to prototype.

While I didn’t doubt Lisa’s strong conviction, I knew that it’s her job to exude confidence in the company’s future. But right after that interview, I came across a series of announcements that confirmed her confidence.

First, GE, who is a pretty central player in the board market, has built two versions of its COM Express modules using AMD silicon, specifically the Embedded G-series SoC. One version uses a dual-core CPU while the second employs a quad-core processor.

The second announcement, from Fujitsu, was for a mini-ITX (17 mm by 17 mm) motherboard. It’s aimed at industrial and embedded platforms, including digital signage and thin clients. It’ll also hold AMD’s Embedded G-Series SoC.

Announcement number three was from congatec, who is also releasing a series of COM modules based on the G-Series. The company claims that it chose AMD because of its long-term availability and high-performance graphics.

The final (and convincing) release came form Samsung, who is releasing a digital media player (they call them “set-back-boxes”), which is somewhat of a digital sign on steroids. Unlike the other designs, this product uses AMD’s R-Series processor, taking advantage of the higher performance to push high-definition graphics.

The bottom line appears to be that AMD is a real player in the high-end embedded space. And as we know, competition is always a good thing.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
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