A village of IoT startups at Computex 2016

May 24, 2016 OpenSystems Media

The Internet of Things (IoT) not only promises new business models and revenue streams for those long embedded in our industry (pun intended), but also heralds unique opportunities for start-ups. Computex 2016 sees the launch of InnoVEX, a “start-up village” as providing a platform dedicated to new innovative companies finding their way in the now mainstream embedded marketplace. By offering a specific open-plan space, InnoVEX will provide both networking opportunities and integral seminars designed to guide these start-ups to success. So, what is it about Taiwan that breeds such a fertile ground for innovative start-ups?

Taiwan ranks high in key global metrics in innovation, entrepreneurship, and development and their government actively invests ($80 million) in funding such start-ups. Additionally, they promote equity crowdfunding to drive ideas from the garage to a practical business model. Finally, a very specific “Taiwan Start-Ups Accelerator Program” exists to drive international awareness for start-ups. Taiwan has a famous history of innovation and is heavily invested in it staying that way.

Computex draws 40,000 international visitors from 162 countries, thus providing the necessary exposure to catapult those start-ups to prominence, and actively driving networking through forums, demonstrations, and matchmaking between potential strategic partners.

Among those battling for attention, look out for Blocks, who is premiering what it calls “the world’s-first modularised smart watch,” while claiming near infinite expandability. Lucid VR is innovating with a 3D consumer camera for VR. Not restricted to helping its own on the ladder to success, InnoVEX welcomes international start-ups like Connectera, a Dutch company driving IoT technology into agriculture to monitor and track cattle.

Whichever exciting subset of IoT or embedded you hold closest to heart, InnoVEX at Computex 2016 will not only satisfy your curiosity, but give the inspiration and support to visitors and exhibitors alike to make IoT happen.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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