3D in automotive HMIs? Let's discuss at embedded world 2016.

January 28, 2016 OpenSystems Media

3D has been embraced across a wide array of media, but not all 3D is created equal. A singular 3D approach is not appropriate for all applications. It’s impossible to cram the 3D graphics of a film like Avatar onto an automotive instrument cluster. Nor is it possible – or even wise – to turn your head-up display (HUD) into a Call of Duty experience. The resources and use cases for movies and gaming are completely different.

In a vehicle, serious safety and usability concerns must be considered, along with the speed and clarity of the animations so that user (drivers) are informed on-the-fly and can understand the status of the system at any given moment. Yet automotive HMI developers are ever tempted to crowd their driver displays and windshields with graphical representations of every bit of data a driver could ever need – all at one time.

“Is 3D actually useful in the car?” “How much is too much?” “How do you get it all to fit and run fast enough on a resource-constrained target?” Altia’s Managing Director – Europe, Stephan Häfele, will explore these questions on Wednesday, February 24, at electronic displays Conference 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany, in his presentation, “3D Instrument Cluster: Frivolous eye candy or HMI breakthrough?” Stephan will discuss how much 3D the mass market really wants and talk about how to understand and manage the burden a 3D HMI puts on an embedded processor. Additionally, he will recommend a process by which HMI development teams can deliver the safest, most intuitive, and best performing 3D experience for automotive displays.

This 3D in automotive conversation will continue at embedded world 2016 – sister conference and exhibition to electronic displays. Altia will join almost 900 exhibitors to present state-of-the-art technology in all facets of embedded technologies – from modules and complete systems to operating systems, software, and much more. This event is where you will see the best-in-class embedded innovations of today and engage in conversation that will inspire the electronics of tomorrow.

Altia’s team will be at the exhibits to showcase the newly released Altia Design 11.3 GUI editor and demonstrate Altia HMIs in action on hardware from Cypress, NXP, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, and more. Our team of embedded HMI experts will also be at the show (Hall 4, Booth 4-625) to engage in the embedded conversation with experts from all over the world about best practices for HMI in automotive – including 3D – and beyond.

Jason Williamson is vice president of marketing at Altia, Incorporated.





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Jason Williamson, Altia
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