Dev Kit Weekly: RX65N Cloud Kit

May 14, 2020 Perry Cohen

In this edition of Dev Kit Weekly, Perry Cohen reviews the RX65N Cloud Kit from Renesas.

The RX65N offers some really great features as far as communication goes, specifically how easily it can be connected to the cloud. The kit is a cloud communication performance evaluation kit that uses the RX65N microcontroller and connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via Wi-Fi.

It’s not abnormal for development kits to have a range of communication features, but the fact that it connects directly with AWS with so little effort is pretty sweet.

Aside from the Wi-Fi communication module, and all of the other communication aspects covered, the kit is packed with a number of really great features.

Some of these include a temperature and humidity sensor an optical sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, a USB port for serial communications, and another USB port for debugging.

Both the sensor and additional data uploaded from the kit to AWS is able to be observed in the dashboard, which you’ll have to register for online. Users are also able to be edited and debugged in Renesas’ e2 studio IDE. This can be performed by connecting the kit to a personal computer.

As far as security goes, the RX65n microcontroller in the kit is a general purpose MCU with an integrated HMI and security that matches well with the needs of IoT Edge devices.

The kit hosts a built-in dual-bank functionality and trusted secure IP, allowing a user to establish a secure cloud communication and conduct firmware updates.

It also comes bundled with a bunch of sample programs, all based on Amazon’s FreeRTOS. Those programs can be freely expanded or changed.

If you want one of these kits for yourself, you can purchase one for $62.50, or, as always, you can enter this week’s raffle by making a submission in the link below and try to win one for free.

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