TanvasTouch Surface Haptics named 2020 Display Component of the Year by the Society for Information Display

July 13, 2020 Tanvas

Tanvas, Inc. (https://tanvas.co), pioneers of the next generation of multi-touch haptic technology, today announced its TanvasTouch surface haptic technology has received the 2020 Display Component of the Year award from the Society for Information Display (SID). The 26th annual awards recognize the most significant technological advances in displays.

"Every year, the SID team reviews industrywide nominations in search of the most innovative display technology and the competition is always fierce," said Dr. Helge Seetzen, President of SID. "This year's recipients reflect the creativity of companies that pushed the boundaries of what's possible and move our industry toward new breakthroughs. Tanvas stood out for its versatile surface haptic technology which has many practical applications across a broad range of markets. We are proud to shine a spotlight on the best of the best in display technology."

Seven winners - Apple, Audi AG, BOE Technology, Corning, Samsung Display, Tanvas and Toray Industries - were chosen by a distinguished panel of experts who evaluated the nominees based on degree of technical innovation and commercial significance, as well as potential for positive social impact. Tanvas - the smallest and only privately held company on the list - debuted the latest in multi-touch haptic technology. TanvasTouch surface haptics are programmable textures and tactile effects that can be felt with the swipe of a finger across a physically smooth touch-enabled surface.

"The unique solid-state construction of TanvasTouch combines multi-touch and haptics in a single controller. Together, the sensor and actuator surface provide very low latency response and make it easy to integrate as a display component," said Phill LoPresti, CEO of Tanvas. "This multimodal technology can combine with vibration-based haptics in automotive displays and surfaces as well as tablets, trackpads and any commercial display. As OEMs look for interesting ways to differentiate their products and applications, TanvasTouch provides an untapped opportunity to streamline designs and connect with end users in entirely new ways. With so many innovations in display technology, we are thrilled to see TanvasTouch acknowledged among a list of prestigious companies we regard so highly."

The SID category Display Components of the Year recognizes novel components that have significantly enhanced the performance of a display. A component is sold as a separate part destined to be incorporated into a display and may also include display-enhancing materials and/or parts fabricated with new processes. Earlier this year at CES 2020, Tanvas debuted its TanvasTouch Desktop Development Kit as well as a 15" automotive demonstration in collaboration with Innolux. The company also launched its first commercial product in collaboration with Mimo Monitors - a 10.1" display for digital signage and conference rooms.

This year's SID award recipients will be honored at the 57th Display Week scheduled to take place August 3-7, 2020 as a virtual event. Display Week is the world's leading event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies from concept to market. For more information about TanvasTouch or to learn about surface haptic display technology, visit www.tanvas.co.

About Tanvas, Inc.

Tanvas is pioneering the next generation of multi-touch haptic technology. Despite advances in graphics, sound and vibration, today's touchscreen is still a lifeless window to the digital world. TanvasTouch surface haptics add a new dimension of interaction by bringing software-defined textures and feelings to flat, physical surfaces. TanvasTouch can be built into any touch-enabled product across many applications including automotive, retail, consumer electronics, visually impaired and custom displays. The company was spun out of Northwestern University and is headquartered in Chicago.

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