STMicro’s 12-Channel Automotive LED Driver Simplifies Advanced Lighting

October 11, 2019 Alix Paultre

The STMicroelectronics’ ALED1262ZT 12-channel LED driver targets advanced automotive rear combination lamps and interior lighting, with independent 7-bit PWM dimming on all channels for flexible control of tail, stop, and indicator lights. Each channel delivers a constant output current at 19V for controlling multi-LED series strings. Adjustment from 6mA to 60mA ensures a wide dimming range with high maximum brightness. The LED lighting driver responds to I2C commands from a host microcontroller and provides two pre-programmed configurations that allow standalone operation for extra flexibility.

Diagnostic features include open-LED detection and over-temperature warning with thermal shutdown, and an input-voltage range from 5.5V to 38V allows use in direct battery-connected systems. In addition, the ALED1262ZT is designed for low-noise operation, with slow turn-on/off time per channel and spread-spectrum clock operation to simplify integration with other in-vehicle electronics.

The ALED1262ZT is in production now, in a 6.4mm x 7.8mm thermally efficient HTSSOP24 exposed-pad package, from $1.00 for orders of 1,000 pieces. An evaluation board, STEVAL-LLL002V1, is available to help designers explore the ALED1262ZT’s features and jump-start new lighting designs.

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