Neusoft Selects Qt’s Software Development Framework to be Foundation for Automotive Digital Instrument Clusters

April 15, 2019 Katelyn Albani

Espoo, Finland. The Qt Company stated that Neusoft Corporation has chosen their software development framework as one of the foundations for Neusoft’s automotive digital instrument clusters.

Qt is prepared to operate the instrument clusters in Neusoft’s original equipment manufacturer customers’ digital cockpits.

OEMs are becoming more and more focused on providing an immersive human-machine interface experience to their customers, which has led to the upsurge of the digital cockpit, where digital instrument clusters are essential. They include screens display and user interfaces and play an important role in the overall driver experience, tackling several complicated design and technical requirements to allow the driver to safely use them, creating substantial development challenges for OEMs.

“The contradiction between a better human-machine interface (HMI) experience and shorter time-to-market and lower costs is a significant challenge, especially considering OEMs are paying more attention to the digital experience than ever before,” said Neusoft’s VP, Lingjun Meng. “We have been paying close attention to Qt’s technology and found that Qt has made significant progress in the automotive industry in recent years, especially in the arena of functional safety. We are excited to cooperate with Qt and look forward to delivering superior products to our customers.”

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