Micron to Produce 1z Nanometer DRAM Process Node

August 16, 2019 Laura Dolan

Micron Technology, Inc.’s progressions in DRAM scaling will spearhead mass production of 16Gb DDR4 products using 1z nm process technology. 

Micron’s 1z nm 16Gb DDR4 product will provide much higher bit density, better functionality improvements and lower cost compared to the previous generation 1Y nm node.

The product will also enhance relative performance and power consumption for compute DRAM (DDR4), mobile DRAM (LPDDR4) and graphics DRAM (GDDR6) product lines, setting themselves apart for applications such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, 5G, mobile devices, graphics, gaming, network infrastructure and servers.

This change to 1z nm with mass production of the 16Gb DDR4 memory solution will reduce power consumption by approximately 40 percent compared to previous generations of 8Gb DDR4-based products.

“Development and mass production of the industry’s smallest feature size DRAM node are a testament to Micron’s world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, especially at a time when DRAM scaling is becoming extremely complex,” said Micron Technology’s executive vice president of Technology Development, Scott DeBoer. “Being first to market strongly positions us to continue offering high-value solutions across a wide portfolio of end customer applications.” 

For more information, visit micron.com.

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