Maxim Improves MediaTek’s In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform with Tools for Automotive Video Distribution and Power Management

July 9, 2019 Laura Dolan

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. will offer its gigabit multimedia serial link (GMSL) serializer and deserializer (SerDes) technology to MediaTek’s AUTUS in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) platform.

MediaTek’s AUTUS I20 (MT2712) is an infotainment solution with multiple displays that helps drivers improve their experience, passenger safety, connectivity and entertainment by transmitting information and content from the car’s sensors and multimedia sources.

Maxim’s one MAX9286 automotive deserializer and four MAX96705 serializers offer synchronized video streams from four cameras via 15 meters of shielded twisted-pair (STP) or coaxial cable, helping MediaTek focus on critical performance, efficiency and flexibility criteria. MediaTek’s MT2712 IVI platform’s higher-speed, higher-voltage memory technology will help support data transmission for auto sensors, entertainment content and navigation.  

Maxim offers the following:

  • Next-Generation GMSL SerDes: improved data transmission from 12m to 15m
  • Robust Connectivity: provides data integrity over 15 meters
  • Power Management: high-current buck converter allows AUTUS I20 designers to upgrade to fast, higher voltage 4GB LPDDR4/DDR4 memory

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