KEMET T598 Tantalum Polymer Capacitors Tout Performance

June 18, 2019 Alix Paultre

KEMET expanded the temperature capability of automotive-grade T598 Tantalum polymer surface-mount capacitors, which offer high capacitance/voltage (CV) ratings, single-digit equivalent series resistance (ESR), excellent ripple performance, and a long operational lifetime. The AEC-200 qualified T598 devices have high volumetric efficiency, capacitance values up to 470mF, and voltage offerings of 2.5VDC to 50VDC.

A low ESR means single components can be used where multiple devices were used and offer stable performance to 2,000 hours at temperatures up to 125°C, equivalent to a mission profile of around 15 years. According to Dr. Philip Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, “What we are witnessing in the automotive sector and in areas such as 5G and cloud computing are dramatic, exciting, and more significant than anything seen in decades. The T598 family will allow electronic design engineers to evolve their concepts to reality.”

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