eXtremeDB 8.1 Supports Several Principles of AUTOSAR

December 10, 2019 Tiera Oliver

McObject, a database management system, announces enhancements in the new version of its eXtremeDB embedded database management system, allowing developers to customize this automotive DBMS. 

eXtremeDB is a hybrid in-memory and persistent DBMS.  Built on a true in-memory database system. eXtremeDB has always taken responsibility for memory management. As an embedded database system, eXtremeDB creates no processes or threads. eXtremeDB has no dependencies on the operating system or C runtime library and can run on "bare metal" with no operating system.

The new v8.1 release is compatible with principles in AUTOSAR such as disassociation from the hardware and the operating system. Therefore, there is no OS-based memory management, no threads/processes, and no kernel-based synchronization primitives.

eXtremeDB v8.1 also brings a range of technical enhancements for Automotive IoT, including:
• Low-level network compression 
• Low-overhead tracing
• Infineon TriCore architecture support

Low-level network compression
V8.1 of eXtremeDB implements compression at the SAL (System Abstraction Layer), meaning that compression can be applied to any supported socket type (plain TCP, SSL, local-domain, UDP and others).

Low-overhead tracing
The tracing framework allows developers to view trace messages originating from inside eXtremeDB modules.

Infineon TriCore support
The Infineon TriCore microcontrollers are suited to safety-critical applications ranging from airbag, braking and power steering to sensor-based systems using radar or camera technologies. The combination of performance and safety architecture makes the family a good fit for domain control and data fusion applications.

For more information please visit www.mcobject.com

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