Designated Driver is First Teleoperation Provider in AutonomouStuff’s Open Autonomy Pilot Program

June 24, 2019 Laura Dolan

Designated Driver will be the first teleoperation provider to participate in AutonomouStuff’s new Open Autonomy Pilot program and implement its teleoperation technology in AutonomouStuff’s autonomy software and state-of-the-art research vehicles.

Designated Driver provides direct and indirect models for teleoperation. The direct model enables the teleoperator to use cameras and sensors to operate the car. The indirect model is an autonomy system that sustains its fully functional status, but the teleoperation system is initiated to get a feel for the environment and helps the vehicle maneuver itself safely.

“Designated Driver is a valued partner to us and the addition of their teleoperation system to our Open Autonomy Pilot is truly exciting,” said AutonomouStuff’s VP of product and services, John Buszek. “Our team will now be able to test and gather data on teleoperations, which will allow us to develop more advanced functionalities for autonomous driving.”

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