Vector Offers Automotive OTA with vConnect

October 19, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Vector announced that it is now offering vConnect, a new and comprehensive Over-The-Air solution. vConnect contains a modular OTA framework, from back end to vehicle. The framework provides a basis for the development OTA applications. The OTA solution is designed to provide users with practical experience regarding automotive OTA and offers benefits from a variety of individual application options.

Based on a modular framework, vConnect covers automotive OTA use cases right from the start, for example, OTA software updates (SOTA) and live diagnostics. Customers can use the vConnect framework as a basis for developing custom OTA applications. According to the company, with the help of the integrated end-to-end security functions, these applications are protected from the beginning. Integration into existing business systems and application development are ideal.

Figure: Gain practical experience with Automotive OTA and the vConnect Evaluation Bundle

The VN8810 diagnostic hardware is connected to the vehicle via the OBD interface and provides a secure communication channel to the back end. This allows new software updates to be loaded onto the vehicle and defined diagnostic sequences to be executed.

For getting started, the vConnect Evaluation Bundle is available. The request for the vConnect Evaluation Bundles can be made via the Vector website. The vConnect Evaluation Bundle includes the VN8810 diagnostic hardware with the vConnect vehicle components and access to the personalized back end instance in the Vector Cloud.

Per the company, with vConnect, established Vector offboard diagnostic and flash tools can be integrated into a consistent OTA scenario that supports both offboard and onboard use cases.

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